About JNCF


The mission of the Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation (JNCF) is to support Hawaii families who have lost a child (newborn to 24-years-old), and to provide parents and surviving siblings (children) with the assistance they need to navigate through their grief with bereavement support, financial assistance for memorial services, spiritual guidance and fellowship. 

JNCF also is committed to assisting families who have children battling

life-threatening injury or illness.

Please consider a Charitable Donation today to help support Hawaii families surviving

child loss.

P.O. Box 8564, Honolulu, Hawaii  96830

Phone: (808) 292-2304 | | Email: JNCFoundation@gmail.com

The Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity serving families throughout Hawaii.  JNCF also is a new Community Supporting Agency with Aloha United Way. 

If your company supports Aloha United Way, please give to JNCF through our designation number #76050.  Mahalo!


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